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​Nationwide vehicle ECU/Immobilizer services for select vehicles.

Lost keys for your Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Acura, Isuzu? 
Has the dealer given you sticker shock by their estimate to replace the immobilizer computer?

According to some vehicle manufacturers and car dealers, certain models require replacement of the Immobilizer Control Unit (ICU) or Engine Control Unit (ECU) in the case of a lost transponder key. Late 90s to early 2000s Toyota and Lexus models are the most commonly affected by this. The cost of replacing and programming these units can run over $1,000, $3,500 is the most expensive estimate we've heard so far. 

We have a better solution!

E-Z Key Locksmith Inc. is an ALOA Certified Automotive Locksmith that specializes in immobilizer programming. We can reuse the existing vehicle computer (ECU) and/or engine immobilizer (ICU) to generate a working transponder key for the vehicle. Reusing the existing computer or immobilizer equals a huge savings, by thousands of dollars in some cases when comparing replacement by a dealer or automotive mechanic. 

What We Do
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Isuzu Axiom/Rodeo PIN
BMW Keys 
Lost Lexus Keys Lost Toyota Keys
 What is a Transponder Key?
High Security Keys 
Key Cloning 
Lost Honda Prelude Keys 
 Lost Acura NSX Keys
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What we do . . . 

E-Z Key Locksmith, Inc. can generate working transponder keys for your existing engine Immobilizer Control Unit and/or Engine Control Unit. Eliminating the high cost of replacing these expensive components at a dealership or repair shop. We offer several options, choose which works best for you. 

Please note, our engine immobilizer services are for replacing a lost transponder key. 
We can also program the immobilizer for SOME used ECUs. Please visit our web store for more details. 
If you have a different problem, like a no start condition not caused by lost car keys, please seek a certified automotive technician. We do not provide technical support or repair advise beyond what we offer on our site.  

How it works

1. Ship us the proper engine immobilizer box and/or ECU for the vehicle. We will generate working transponder keys for you, then ship the vehicle's engine immobilizer back to you with the transponder key, ready to go. This is our most popular option, we have performed this service for many customers and shops across the country. Visit our online store at to order our services. (not available for all models) 

2. If you're within our service area, we can come to the vehicle and make the transponder key on site. We service Grays Harbor and North Pacific Counties in Washington State. 

3. Have the vehicle towed to our shop. Our address is located HERE

What makes us different? 

Unlike the typical auto locksmith that may offer a similar service service called a ECU reflash, ICU reflash, or immobilizer reflash, we program and test the transponder key to the engine immobilizer before they leave the shop. An immobilizer reflash puts the engine immobilizer into a brand new state, which requires relearning and resynchronizing at the vehicle. With our engine immobilizer service, you do not need to program, or re-sync the engine immobilizer to the vehicle. No cycling keys, opening and closing doors, jumping pins, having someone come to the vehicle to register the system, etc. Simply reinstall the ECU/ICU, hook up the battery, and you're set. It's that E-Z!

What models are affected? 

Some vehicles affected by this are*:

1995-2005 Acura NSX
1996-2004 Acura RL
1997-2002 Honda Prelude
1998-2001 Lexus ES300
1998-2001 Lexus GS300
1998-2000 Lexus GS400
2001 Lexus IS300
1997-2001 Lexus LS400
1998-2000 Lexus LX470
1999-2003 Lexus RX300
1998-2000 Lexus SC300
1998-2000 Lexus SX400
2002-2010 Lexus SC430
1998-2000 Toyota 4Runner
1998-2004 Toyota Avalon
1998-2001 Toyota Camry
2001-2003 Toyota Highlander (6 cylinder)
1998-2000 Toyota Landcruiser
2000+ Toyota MR2 Spyder
2001-2003 Toyota Prius
2001-2003 Toyota Rav4
1999-2003 Toyota Sienna
2003-2007 Toyota Sequoia
1998-2001 Toyota Solara
2002-2003 Toyota Solara (6 cylinder models)
2013 Toyota Tundra (service not available at this time)
2012-2013+ Subaru Impreza 
2013+ Subaru XV Crosstrek 
Several Volvo Models

Most Saab Models Equipped with Anti-Theft 
BMW models equipped with EWS or CAS
Many motorcycles including Ducati, Yamaha, and more. 
*This is not a complete list. Not all models listed are immobilizer equipped, some vehicles are optional equipment.

Some of our customers do not have access to a locksmith or repair shop that can program transponder key to cars using specialized equipment. In these cases, we may be able to program keys to an engine immobilizer for vehicles that normally program through the diagnostic port. Please call us with your vehicle type for more information on this service. 

Lost Toyota Keys, Lost Lexus Keys 

If you've lost keys for a Toyota or Lexus listed above, we offer our Immobilizer Reset Service with a fast two day turnaround for Denso ECUs and all separate ICU boxes. Send us your ECU or ICU (depends on model) and we will ship it back within two days of receiving your package. The transponder keys we supply will come already programmed to the engine immobilizer, no need to resynchronize the ECU or Immobilizer, and no need to cycle the keys for programming. We also offer immobilizer programming for your used, replacement ECU. 

For vehicle specific information, please visit our Toyota Lexus Computers page. 

Visit for pricing and other details on our Toyota and Lexus Immobilizer Services.  

ISUZU PIN Code (required for programming transponder key) 
Click here for more about Isuzu Rodeo Axiom Immobilizer Services.

In order to program transponder key, some vehicle manufacturers require you to have a PIN code for the vehicle. Without the PIN code, a replacement transponder key may be next to impossible. In some cases, than engine immobilizer PIN code has been changed, rendering the original PIN code incorrect. Instead of replacing components, E-Z Key Locksmith Inc. can work around this issue on many vehicles. 

2003-2004 Isuzu Axiom
2003-2004 Isuzu Rodeo
We provide LOST KEY SERVICE and Immobilizer PIN Service ONLY for these models. 
We are unable to help with synchronization and/or component replacement. 
Known Isuzu immobilizer part numbers (not a complete list): 8972447590, 8973773230

Certain vehicles are no longer supported by the manufacturer, usually due to the manufacturer shutting down production. Because of this, obtaining necessary information about a vehicle, like key codes and programming codes from the manufacturer, is no longer possible or difficult to obtain. The vehicles most affected by this are Isuzu. If the Isuzu is equipped with an immobilizer system, then a PIN number is required to program extra transponder key and also requires special diagnostic equipment to do so. It is no longer possible to obtain the PIN codes directly from Isuzu. 

E-Z Key Locksmith provides services to obtain the PIN number from the vehicle by reading the PIN from the engine immobilizer unit. We will make and program the keys to the engine immobilizer and give you the PIN for future use.  Click here for more about Isuzu Rodeo Axiom Immobilizer Services. 

Honda/Acura Type 1 Systems (Red key/Black key) 
Click HERE to purchase our Acura Honda Lost Key Service. 
Applies to:
1995-2005 Acura NSX
1996-2004 Acura RL
1997-2002 Honda Prelude

Early Acura and Honda models utilized a red learning key that was used to add additional keys to the vehicle. The red learning key, a programmed black key, and diagnostic equipment is required to add more keys to the system in this manor. When the red key is lost, four options are available, replace the ICU, reflash the ICU, reprogram the ICU, or clone the existing black key (if it's available). Cloning is the best and most cost effective solution for adding keys to these vehicles if a working key is present. If all keys are lost or only the red learning key is available, then the Immobilizer must be replaced, reflashed, or reprogrammed. 

Replacing the ICU requires a new ICU and diagnostic equipment to program new keys. Reflashing takes a used ICU and returns it to a "like new" state, it still requires diagnostic equipment to synchronize with the engine's computer. Reprogramming, like we offer here, reuses the synchronizing data between the ICU and ECU, meaning diagnostic equipment is not required. We program keys to the vehicle's existing ICU, a totally plug and play solution to lost keys. 

BMW Models
We get it, spare BMW keys seem expensive. You've probably called the dealer and are now surfing the internet for a better price. Guess what? The BMW dealer is usually the cheapest option. This is because BMW stores the engine immobilizer and transponder key information in their systems and will not share that information with anyone, even BMW licensed repair facilities that are not dealerships. They would rather pay fines to government organizations (NASTF) for not releasing required information instead of sharing that information with authorized repair facilities. For an auto locksmith, this makes generating keys for a BMW more costly than a replacement from BMW because of the processes involved. If your dealership's quoted price seams too high, call another BMW dealership to make sure they are not overcharging. 

In certain cases, we can help with BMW vehicles. The EWS or CAS system only allows for so many keys. According to BMW after all replacement keys have been exhausted from BMW, the EWS or CAS module must be replaced. Also, BMW dealers will not sell or release a transponder key to a vehicle that has been rebuilt (total recovery). In these two instances, our services become a great value. While our charges for generating a BMW transponder key cost more than a spare key from BMW directly, it is less expensive than replacing the EWS or CAS module. It is also the only way to obtain transponder keys for a recovered BMW. 

Coming Soon

Saab Immobilizer key programming, including Saab T.W.I.C.E modules.
Select Volvo Immobilizer key programming. (Some models now available, please contact us)
2013+ Toyota Immobilizer key programming. 
Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge SKIM, immobilizer, and key programming. (Some models now available, please contact us)

Toyota, Lexus, Honda, BMW, Isuzu, and other vehicle manufacturer/model names are trademarks of their respective companies and are used for identification and application purposes only. E-Z Key Locksmith, Inc. is not an authorized service provider by these companies.