E-Z KeyLocksmith, Inc.


Former customers with master keyed systems setup by E-Z Key Locksmith will soon be able to orders keys through Guardian Security Group in Tacoma, WA (securityrus.com). We expect the timing of this to occur late September. Larger service jobs may be available with them as well. If you're looking to have spare car keys made, Guardian Security is fully capable of handling that as well. Don't settle for the dealership's high prices or another locksmith's novice attempts. Guardian Security employs several of the the industry's best automotive locksmiths. Most spare car keys can usually be cut and programmed without an appointment.


Ask any business owner how many hours they worked last week, the response is likely that they stopped counting long ago. Owning a small business takes dedication and hard work, to the point that a 40-hour-work-week becomes laughable. Running a small business in a rural tourist town means you don’t get the weekends off. Running a locksmith shop requires you to be on-call, unless you have high enough volume during normal business hours to pay the bills. Combine them all together and the chances for rest are near impossible. The little time you do get away from work related tasks is usually spent on simple personal errands like grocery shopping. The few vacations you take, if any, are surrounded by a flood of calls before and after playing catchup for the days you’re unavailable. 

Since my heart attack 4 months ago, we have worked hard to find a viable solution to the above. After all, the heart attack was preceded by 57 working hours in just 3 days. Currently, I have a heart efficiency of 43%. Anything 40% or below is considered systolic heart failure. I have no choice but to slow down. 

We have come to the conclusion that the best solution for us is to close the shop. Our last day of regular business will be July 31st. We will reopen the doors on Saturday, August 3rd from 10am to 2pm for an inventory clearance sale. Items will range from 20% to 50% OFF. Our online mail order business, EZCarKeys.com, will continue to operate as normal, with only a delay when we move and re-setup for that service in the coming months. No locksmithing tools or equipment is for sale, it is already spoken for. 

As to our future, my wife Krista and myself are moving back ‘home’ where we were raised, in the greater Tacoma area. A business owner in that area has given me an offer that’s too good to pass up under the current circumstances.

From the bottom of my broken heart, I want to thank the South Beach community and Grays Harbor County in general. Your support helped our family grow from being homeless when we moved here 14 years ago to what it is now. We raised a wonderful daughter in this community who is now in college with wonderful opportunities ahead or her. We have a lot of memories here and will surely be coming back from time to time.
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